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Delorme Bible Church

Sharing the Gospel in the heart of Hatfield and McCoy territory

Hatfield McCoy Area Revival

History of the Hatfield McCoy Area Revival

     Pastor  Steve Spurlock was called of God to the Phelps, KY area in late 2010 as  a member of Victory Baptist Church in Pikeville, KY.  Pastor Steve  started in Phelps by holding services at the Good Shepherd Nursing Home  and by holding the first ever Annual Phelps Area Revival in June 2011 at  the old Phelps Elementary School gym. The school graciously allowed  the meeting in both 2011 & 2012.

     While  getting fliers out for the 2012 meeting, Pastor Steve ran across a  vacant double wide near the Phelps Fire Department.  Faith Missionary  Baptist Church started holding regular services there on Oct. 4, 2012  and took over hosting the Annual Phelps Area Revival in 2013.

     Pastor  Steve and the Faith Missionary Baptist Church merger were voted on by  the membership at Delorme Bible Church on June 8, 2016 and the official  name of the revival was changed to the Annual Hatfield McCoy Area  Revival.  This revival is now hosted at Delorme Bible Church and is held  during the 3rd week of June.    

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     We would love to have you and your family join us for any of our services or special events. We typically have special music and refreshments at each of our events.  

     If you have questions or need more information, please contact Pastor Steve.

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Homecoming Weekend & Founders Day

Additional Information

     In  1935, Jeannette Boyd graduated from Moody Bible Institute and came to  the Delorme, WV/Phelps, KY area as a missionary telling people about  Jesus and teaching children in the many schools around the Tug Valley  area.  It wasn't long before she was able to start teaching Sunday  School classes on the current property of Delorme Bible Church in an old  converted beer store.  In 1958, Ms. Boyd was able to purchase the  property for the church.  In 1973, construction was started and Delorme  Bible Church was chartered in 1974.

     During  the last weekend of September each year, Delorme Bible Church  celebrates Homecoming Weekend to remember  their heritage and past members who have gone home to be with the Lord.   Now, the last Saturday in September is celebrated as "Founders Day" and  special recognition is given to past pastors, deacons, and soldiers of  the faith such as Ms. Boyd.

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2018 marked our 60th Anniversary of owning the property.  Although Ms. Boyd and others were utilizing the property long before, we recognize October 1958 as the official beginning of Delorme Bible Church.  Founders Day is a day of food, music, fellowship, testimonies, and preaching in our outdoor tabernacle.  We had a tremendous time with several preachers and singers. Even the baptismal waters were stirred! Be sure to join us this year!